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My podcast and newsletter is dedicated to starting a conversation and promoting local businesses, real estate, personal development and real estate investing in Leduc to expand our growing community. From my experience of speaking to groups of over 500+ people on financial empowerment I wanted to bring you a more intimate experience where we get to grow our Leduc community and learn from each other. Every other week on my podcast I interview a new business owner or inspirational figure in the city of Leduc and we share our personal stories on the topics of entrepreneurship, business growth, motivational advice and much more! Every business owner has their own unique story to tell on how they got started, what motivated them and how they grew in their community. What I love is getting to share this experience with my listeners while also inspiring them to move forward towards their goals despite the hardships they may encounter just like the guests on my podcast. In my monthly newsletter I highlight Leduc real estate, share more about my coaching services and insight on real estate investing as well as covering the community of Leduc.

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